Accommodation and hotel offers

For your stay in Hannover, we have selected hotel rooms near the conference venue or the dinner location. Please contact all hotels directly for bookings. Booking using the keyword „MIC2022“ is not possible. Accommodation options are listed below.

City Hotel Hannover
Limburgstraße 3
30159 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 3607-0
City Hotel Hannover
Hotel-Restaurant Bullerdieck
Bürgermeister-Wehrann-Straße 21
30826 Garbsen-Frielingen
Phone: +49 5131 458-0
Hotel Landhaus am See
Seeweg 27-29
30827 Garbsen
Phone: +49 5131 4686-0
Hotel Landhaus am See
Leonardo Hotel Hannover Airport
Petzelstraße 60
30690 Hannover
Phone:+49 511-770 70
Leonardo Hotel Hannover Airport